A Number of First Reads at MRC

In addition to endorsing the load forecasting model and discussing energy efficiency in the peak load forecast, the Markets and Reliability Committee discussed a number of first reads at its November 19 meeting.

PJM presented draft Tariff and manual revisions to clarify the customer baseline process for non-summer capacity compliance measures.

PJM presented a proposed problem statement and issue charge regarding the number of nodes/biddable points at which virtual transactions may be made.  PJM said the problem statement and issue charge were designed to open a broader dialogue on the issue through the stakeholder process.

There was a lengthy discussion of distributed battery storage in PJM markets. Members of the Other Supplier sector proposed a tentative problem statement. PJM will work with the proposers to develop a full problem statement and issue charge for consideration at the December MRC.

The MRC also endorsed/approved:

The MRC delayed a vote on a proposed problem statement and issue charge from the Supplier Caucus on Underperformance Risk Management in RPM/CP until December.

The committee opted not to sunset the Cost Development Subcommittee at its December meeting but did agree to sunset the Gas-Electric Senior Task Force.