PJM Warns Members of Phishing Attempts  

Thursday, Tom O’Brien _ PJM senior vice president and chief information officer, warned stakeholders at the Markets and Reliability Committee to be aware of recent phishing attempts targeting PJM members.

A handful of  members contacted PJM, wanting to make the grid operator aware of the malicious emails.

The scam emails appear to come from the PJM Board of Managers and ask recipients to click on a link.

Clicking on the link unleashes ransomware, locking access to the victims’ files and information; victims must then pay to unlock the information (hence the name).

O’Brien pointed out that the board never sends emails directly to members and that the emails came from a non-PJM email address.

Members should be vigilant, said O’Brien, and contact PJM Member Services at (866) 400-8980 “if something doesn’t look right.”

He said PJM continues to work toward investigating all threats that might affect members.

 MC Approves Shortage Pricing, Fuel Cost Policy 

 PJM stakeholders approved two proposals at the Members Committee meeting April 27.

Members approved the Shortage Pricing /Operating Reserve Demand Curve solution and associated Operating Agreement and Tariff revisions as part of the consent agenda.

The solution is the result of the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission Order 825, which directs grid operators to trigger shortage pricing for any interval that a shortage of energy or operating reserves is indicated.

Stakeholders also endorsed revisions to Manual 15: Cost Development Guidelines related to fuel cost policies. PJM presented minor changes to the revisions since the March Markets and Reliability Committee meeting.

Vice chair Michael Borgatti briefed  members  on details of the General Session at the upcoming Annual Meeting.