Board Offers Artificial Island Comments

As a follow-up to today’s Artificial Island announcement, the PJM Board offered these additional comments about the project:

“The Board of Managers directed PJM to offer information we expect will help states, transmission owners and customers to analyze project beneficiaries from a perspective that differs from the flow based methodology currently used to allocate the costs of this project.

We expect this data could offer insight to – and a basis for – those states, transmission owners and customers that derive benefit from this project to devise an alternate cost allocation proposal. Importantly, we anticipate this information will still demonstrate the logic supporting an allocation of project costs to beneficiaries located in the Delmarva region, along with beneficiaries in one or more neighboring states. PJM will make this information public and will reference, for FERC’s benefit, our intent to undertake this work when PJM makes its mandatory cost allocation filing mandated by our tariff.”

In addition, PJM President and CEO Andy Ott sent a letter on Artificial Island to stakeholders.