Boston Keeps Resilience in Focus in Address to Annual Meeting

During his address, PJM President and CEO Terry Boston highlighted PJM and its members’ innovation and flexibility in meeting challenges from nature, meeting new regulations, court decisions and the economy.

Boston delivered his annual “State of the PJM Community” remarks at the PJM Members Committee Thursday morning, which concluded the 18th annual meeting of PJM members.

“The cover of our new annual report says it pretty well,” Boston said. “Whether the challenge comes from Mother Nature, from sweeping new regulations like the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, from the courts or the economy, PJM Anticipates, PJM Adapts and PJM Advances.”

Boston thanked members for their support and contributions and said he looks forward to accomplishing more great things with them during the rest of 2015. He has announced his retirement from PJM this year.

Following Boston’s remarks, Andy Ott, executive vice president  Markets, spoke to the annual meeting. The PJM Board named him to succeed Boston. He talked about Boston’s contributions to PJM and members. “Terry has set a great example as a collaborator, I value that,” Ott said.

“It is such an honor to be selected to lead this world-class organization and particularly to follow in the footsteps of an industry icon: Terry Boston.”