Charleston, W.Va.

Charleston, W.Va., is connected to the high-voltage grid through American Electric Power, which was integrated into PJM’s operations in 2004. Charleston is within AEP’s Appalachian Power service territory, which serves parts of West Virginia and Virginia.

Population of Charleston, W.Va.: 50,404*
Total Appalachian Power customers in West Virginia: 474,687**
Total amount of megawatt-hours used in 2014 in Appalachian Power in West Virginia: 17,455,148**

Fun facts:

  • Charleston is the capital and  largest city of West Virginia.
  • The popular public radio live music program “Mountain Stage,” known for introducing new artists, is based in Charleston, W.Va.
  • West Virginia’s permanent state capitol building was dedicated on June 20, 1932. Its dome is 292 feet high, higher than the United States Capitol.
  • Tourism is currently the state’s leading industry.

*2014 United States Census Bureau population estimate

**Appalachian Power in West Virginia (PDF)

Fun Facts provided by the West Virginia State Legislature, Movoto, and the Charleston West Virginia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PDF).