City Spotlight: Newark, N.J.

Newark and its surrounding region in New Jersey are connected to the high-voltage grid through Public Service Electric and Gas, which was a founding member of PJM in 1927.

Population of Newark, N.J.: 280,579*
Total PSE&G customers in New Jersey: 460,978**

Fun facts:

  • Thomas Edison’s first manufacturing facility and laboratory was located in Newark. He also installed the first electric lights in a public space in Newark’s Military Park.
  • Newark radio station WJZ was the first to broadcast a World Series game in 1921.
  • Newark Liberty International Airport is the oldest airfield in the United States, opening in 1928.
  • The Pulaski Skyway running from Newark to Jersey City was the first skyway to be built in the United States and opened in 1932.


*2014 United States Census Bureau population estimate

Fun facts from Newark Happening.