City Spotlight – Ocean City, New Jersey

Through the late spring and summer months, Inside Lines’ “City Spotlight” takes a trip to some popular beach towns in the PJM footprint.

Ocean City, N.J. is connected to the high-voltage grid through Atlantic City Electric, which was integrated into PJM’s operations in 1981.

  • Permanent Population of Ocean City, N.J.: 11,470*
  • Total Atlantic City Electric customers: 547,000**
  • Total amount of megawatt-hours used: 5,119,597***

Fun facts:

  • Ocean City’s beach has eight miles of sand and its boardwalk stretches 2.5 miles.
  • In the 1700s, Ocean City was called Peck’s Beach. Although nobody lived on the island year-round then, people used the island to picnic, fish, hunt and graze cattle.
  • Ocean City is known for remaining a dry town – alcohol is neither sold nor consumed publicly within its borders.
  • The first bridge to the island was built in 1883. Prior to that, visitors had to travel by ferry.
  • Much of historic Ocean City was destroyed by a fire in 1927. Its boardwalk had to be rebuilt and was completed by 1929.

(Fun fact sources: Ocean City Vacation, Coastal Living)

*2015 U.S. Census Bureau population estimate

**Atlantic City Electric

***2016 Energy Information Administration data