City Spotlight – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Through the late spring and summer months, Inside Lines’ “City Spotlight” takes a trip to some popular beach towns in the PJM footprint.

Rehoboth Beach, Del., is connected to the high-voltage grid through Delmarva Power, which also serves customers throughout the Delmarva Peninsula and was integrated into PJM’s operations in 1981. It is an Exelon company.

Permanent population of Rehoboth Beach, Del.: 1,488*
Total Delmarva Power customers in Delaware: 312,000**
Total amount of megawatt-hours used: 3,787,963***

Fun facts:

  • Rehoboth Beach is the largest beach resort in the state of Delaware.
  • The resort town is often called the “Nation’s Summer Capital,” because it was historically known as the destination of choice for Washington, D.C., residents.
  • Rehoboth Beach’s original boardwalk was built in 1873. A number of storms have changed its configuration over the years, and the boardwalk is now one mile long.
  • Rehoboth Beach is also near Lewes, Del., and Cape Henlopen State Park. The U.S. Army established a base at Cape Henlopen in 1941 during World War II. After the Department of Defense no longer had need for the property in the 1960s, Delaware established Cape Henlopen as a state park.

Fun fact sources: City of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware State Parks

*2016 U.S. Census Bureau population estimate
**Delmarva Power
***2016 Energy Information Administration data