Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is connected to the high-voltage grid through the municipal Cleveland Public Power as well as the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, which is part of FirstEnergy in its American Transmission Systems, Inc. territory. Cleveland Public Power and ATSI were integrated into PJM’s operations in 2011.

Population of Cleveland: 389,521*

Total customers: 73,033 (Cleveland Public Power)**; 181,764 (The Illuminating Company)**

Total amount of megawatt-hours used: 1,620,997 (Cleveland Public Power)**; 2,662,258 (The Illuminating Company)**

Fun facts:

  • Cleveland was the first city in the world completely lit by electricity.
  • LifeSavers candy was invented by Clarence Crane in Cleveland in 1891.
  • The phrase “rock ‘n’ roll” was coined by Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed in 1952.
  • Likewise, the first “rock ‘n’ roll” concert took place in Cleveland in 1952.

*2014 United States Census Bureau population estimate

**2013 Energy Information Administration data

Fun facts from Movoto and Destination Cleveland