Endorsements and Education Dominate MRC Meeting

Stakeholders endorsed a proposal which gives generators flexibility in emergency conditions at the Markets and Reliability Committee meeting on June 30. They also endorsed a number of manual changes.

The proposal sets out exceptions to the parameter limited schedule. The tariff and Operating Agreement contain rules for parameter limited schedule values. These values apply to generation capacity resources in pre-emergency and emergency conditions. PJM and stakeholders discussed the changes over several months.

The MRC heard proposals to be considered in the future.

  • The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved  PJM’s request extend its deadline to make a compliance filing to Aug. 16 on energy market hourly offers. FERC Order 825 regarding settlement intervals and shortage pricing was published in the Federal Register on June 29; PJM’s compliance filing will be due Jan. 17, 2017.
  • A charter for the Underperformance Risk Management Senior Task Force was presented.  The task force will look at methods to manage underperformance risk and impacts associated with capacity performance assessment hour events, among other topics.
  • On a related note, PJM President and CEO Andy Ott encouraged stakeholders involved in the Seasonal Capacity Resources Senior Task Force to focus on practical solutions for seasonal resources to participate in capacity performance auctions. He said this is preferable to redesigning capacity performance to be something less than annual.  He said moving to less-than annual product would have significant implications, including the possibility of potential shifts in cost allocation.
  • Auction Specific Bilateral Transactions. PJM has been working with stakeholders on a proposed solution.
  • Operating agreement revisions and Regional Transmission Expansion Process enhancements related to transmission substation equipment and possible greenfield projects.


Members Committee

At its June 30 meeting, the Members Committee approved a consent agenda with recommended tariff changes from the Earlier Queue Submittal Task Force. It also approved Gary Greiner of PSEG as a Transmission Owner Sector representative to the Finance Committee.