EPA Carbon Rules update: Analysis continues on impacts of proposed rules

PJM will present an overview of the results of its economic analysis of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan at the Jan. 20 Members Committee webinar. Also to be discussed is the methodology and “roadmap” for performing the reliability analysis using PJM’s assessment of potential generation retirements from its economic analysis of the Clean Power Plan.

PJM has performed an economic analysis of the proposed rules based on a request from the Organization of PJM States Inc. Since the proposed rules were issued by EPA in June 2014, the agency has provided additional guidance, and PJM has incorporated it into the economic analysis.

A preview of the results and methodology was presented at the Jan. 7 Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting. A summary (PDF) of the economic analysis is posted on pjm.com.

The EPA announced it has extended its deadline for finalizing the rule until the summer of 2015.