Exploring PJM: RTEP Upgrades

The PJM Regional Transmission Expansion Plan identifies transmission system additions and improvements needed to keep electricity flowing to the millions of people throughout 13 states and the District of Columbia. PJM conducts studies that test the transmission system against mandatory national standards and PJM regional standards.

The PJM transmission system provides the means for delivering the output of interconnected generators to load centers for end-use customer consumption. PJM’s successful generator interconnection process continues to ensure the reliability of new capacity resources.

Upgrades to the transmission system are part of the RTEP process and are initiated to resolve reliability criteria violations, operational performance or market efficiency needs.

  • Baseline upgrades are those that resolve a system reliability criteria violation. This can be planning criteria from any of the following:
    • PJM
    • North American Electric Reliability Corporation
    • ReliabilityFirst or SERC (regional electric reliability council under NERC authority)
    • Transmission owner-specific criteria
  • Network upgrades are generally new or upgraded facilities required to eliminate reliability criteria violations that are caused by proposed generation, merchant transmission or long-term firm transmission service requests. They can include facilities required to interconnect proposed generation projects.
  • Supplemental projectsare transmission expansions or enhancements that are not required for compliance with PJM criteria (system reliability, operational performance or economic criteria) and are not state public policy projects under the PJM Operating Agreement. These projects are used as inputs to RTEP models, but are not required for reliability, economic efficiency or operational performance criteria.

Improvements identified through this process are discussed in stakeholder meetings. The RTEP process is discussed in detail in the Manual 14 series; the status of individual PJM Board-approved baseline and network RTEP upgrades, as well as that of supplemental upgrades, is on pjm.com.