FERC Accepts PJM CP Tariff Changes

On Feb. 12, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accepted PJM’s proposed tariff changes related to excess capacity procured in the 2016/17 capacity performance transition incremental auction.

The changes allow PJM to release capacity in its regularly scheduled third incremental auction for the 2016/17 delivery year that is in excess of its reliability requirement (due to procurement of Capacity Performance resources though that year’s Capacity Performance transition incremental auction). The revisions were effective Feb. 15.

PJM must submit revised tariff language by March 14, clarifying that it will only sell back non-Capacity Performance resource capacity in its 2016/17 capacity incremental auction on Feb. 29.

PJM is also required to submit an informational report on or before Nov. 15, to explain whether or not it intends to submit additional tariff revisions to sell back excess capacity for the 2017/18 delivery year resulting from the associated transition auction.