FERC Approves Funding for Consumer Advocates

On Feb. 29, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved funding for the Consumer Advocates of PJM States, Inc. through a PJM tariff amendment.  The amendment will fund the nonprofit group’s participation in the PJM stakeholder process.

The order is effective March 1. The FERC did not require PJM to make any changes nor any further compliance filings related to the order.

 The commission cited the PJM Members Committee’s 81 percent favorable vote on the proposal.

The FERC clarified that CAPS is not an affinity group but an organization of state-designated consumer advocates meant to carry out statutorily charged duties. The amendment provides a narrow and targeted funding means for CAPS to carry out its mission to “actively engage in the PJM stakeholder process and at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ensure that the prices for reliable, wholesale electric service are reasonable,” the FERC said.

Commissioner Tony Clark dissented from the majority opinion, commenting that funding should not come through a FERC-approved utility tax but through the regular state appropriations processes.