FERC Denies Load Complaint

On November 19, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission denied a complaint by the Joint Consumer Representatives that would have required PJM to use in its auctions an updated load forecasting model that was not yet  approved at the time of the auctions.

PJM held its Capacity Performance Transition Incremental auctions and Base Residual Auction in August and September of this year.

While the complaint was filed on June 30, 2015, before PJM ran the auctions, FERC did not rule on it until now.  Since the FERC had not ruled, PJM ran its auctions under planning parameters developed using the current load forecasting model.

In denying the complaint, FERC found the complainants failed to meet their burden under the FERC rules, to show that PJM incorrectly implemented its Tariff or that PJM’s Tariff is unjust and unreasonable or unduly discriminatory or preferential.

FERC also held that, although PJM is reviewing its current load forecasting model, it does not mean that the current load forecasting model is unjust and unreasonable.