Firewall Upgrade Happening Thursday

PJM is performing another firewall upgrade Thursday, May 4, from 8–9 p.m. (EDT).

A number of applications will experience intermittent outages during the planned upgrade. Any additional updates prior to the upgrade can be found on the outage page on

Prior to the upgrade starting, members should download any information they may need to access during the scheduled outage.

The applications included during the May 4 firewall upgrade are:

  • eDART
  • eRPM
  • Financial Transmission Rights Center
  • Transmission Operators Access

PJM is intentionally making its systems unavailable now to ensure uninterrupted data availability in the future for its stakeholders. This is a multi-year effort to enhance PJM’s cyber infrastructure to improve scalability, reliability and security. The scope for 2017 is to replace internal firewall hardware.

The next planned outage is May 11, 2017.

Members who have any questions should contact PJM’s Customer Service or 610-666-8980.