Last Segment of Susquehanna-Roseland 500 kV Line Energizes

PPL Electric Utilities energized the last segment of the Susquehanna-Roseland transmission line Monday, May 11, completing a major upgrade to the nation’s electric grid. PP&L and PSE&G built the line to address PJM’s studies to preserve reliability; the new 500-kilovolt line also relieves congestion on other regional transmission lines.

PPL built the 101-mile Pennsylvania portion, and PSE&G constructed the 45 miles in New Jersey. The two companies worked together to build a four-mile segment through the National Park Service lands that border the states. The line begins near Berwick, PA, and crosses into New Jersey at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. It ends near Roseland, NJ, in western Essex County.

I’m very pleased that the White House made this a national priority for the Federal Rapid Response Team,” said PJM President and CEO Terry Boston. “The cooperation between PP&L and PSE&G is a great example of the value of an interconnected grid that assures reliability across state lines and customer territories.”

Steve Herling, vice president – Planning, said without this line, customers in densely populated northeastern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey could face higher costs and the risk of degraded service and/or interruptions. “This was a big deal to get this line in place to address existing violations and make the system more robust to deal with issues in the future,” Herling said.

Herling added that the line brings an economic benefit as well because of reduced congestion.

Susquehanna-Roseland was one of seven projects nationwide fast-tracked by the Obama administration’s Rapid Response Team for Transmission, recognizing the importance of the line to the nation’s power grid and the need for streamlined and coordinated government action on the required federal permits.