Latest Window Results Highlight TEAC

PJM announced the preliminary results of the 2016/17 long-term proposal window at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting on March 9. This 120 day window opened in 2016 and closed recently at the end of February 2017.

There are 96 proposals from 20 proposing entities – all for market efficiency and congestion projects. The breakdown:

  • 52 greenfield projects (estimated cost range is between $15.8M and $371.3M)
  • 44 upgrades (totaling between $0 cost and $192.07M)
  • Eight interregional proposals (including three transmission owner upgrades and five greenfield)

Greenfield projects are those that are being built on new sites, not an existing project site.

PJM has begun evaluation of the projects, including clarifying models and suppositions. PJM will also review previously approved baseline reliability projects that may eliminate the need for several projects. PJM expects to start rolling out the analysis of proposed solutions in May 2017 (presenting at the June TEAC meeting) and continue through the fall.

Following up on a preliminary recommendation at the February TEAC, PJM presented recommendations for replacing an indoor substation and associated transformers in Newark, N.J. The project replaces aging infrastructure, which serves government, education, transportation centers and other infrastructure.  The proposal involves building a new substation adjacent to the existing substation and will realize cost and construction efficiency benefits as compared to rebuilding the current station in place. The project is estimated currently at $275 million.

PJM discussed proposals regarding interregional projects with MISO in the interregional coordination report. PJM also provided a generation deactivation update.