MC Webinar Focuses on Time-Sensitive Capacity Performance Issues

PJM emphasized the importance of members’ implementing time-sensitive changes on emergency procedures for Capacity Performance and performance assessment hours at the March 28 Members Committee Webinar.

Members will need to update the emergency procedure application to support Capacity Performance and performance assessment hours. This means updating their emergency procedure extensible markup language (XML).

If members do not make the necessary changes, they will no longer be able to pull data from the Emergency Procedures page.

The XML gives members the ability to download information and data from the application.  Capacity Performance and performance assessment hour changes require additional information and data to identify performance assessment hour events. Since an update XML model is required to obtain this information and data, members need to ensure that their XML is compliant with current data standards.

The changes are effective May 5.  Information will be posted under Emergency Procedures on

PJM will also provide Capacity Performance preparedness guidance on when specific communications, drills and education sessions will occur.

Preparedness topics include:

  • Dedicated training sessions at the Operator Seminars, which are running through early May.
  • Market sellers with capacity commitments in the 2016/17 delivery year.
  • Emergency procedure drill.
  • Performance assessment hour education.
  • Market sellers looking to participate in the 2019/2020 delivery year base residual auction

Members also discussed at length the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the offer cap. PJM will file its answer to the Commission on April 4. PJM is generally supportive of the NOPR but asked the FERC to clarify language referring to cost-based incremental energy offers and the applicability of the offer cap to demand response.

Members also heard updates on: