MC Webinar Hears Stakeholder Feedback Updates

PJM presented its progress on action plans resulting from feedback of the 2015 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey at the Sept. 26 Members Committee Webinar. The plans cover a number of different areas within PJM, from planning to customer service to information technology.

Among the updates was the current Planning Committee effort to implement Order 1000 improvements, which includes changes to Manual 14C and work with stakeholders on lessons learned.

In addition, PJcommunications1M is developing a plan to phase in changes to eDart, the PJM tool which allows generation and transmission owners to submit outage requests. PJM is working through the Operating Committee, and its subcommittees, to streamline the transmission outage communication timeliness.

While members have told PJM they are happy with the current stakeholder process in general, they wanted more assistance from facilitators in driving to consensus. PJM has developed advanced facilitator training, with the goal of improving consensus-building through the stakeholder process. The first cohort will be completed in December 2016.

PJM has several initiatives that make it easier to do business with PJM. These initiatives include improving website navigation, enhancing Data Miner 2 – a tool that helps visitors search more detailed data – and revamping the documents section on

Another outcome of stakeholder feedback, the Tech Change Forum, will help to coordinate, consolidate and share information. The first forum is Sept. 27-28, with subsequent meetings at the end of October and November.

In response to the 2015 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey feedback, PJM is establishing guidelines and best practices for employees in assisting members consistently and efficiently.  Additionally, PJM is working to increase the Knowledge Base in the Member Community, adding 48 new knowledge articles since June. The articles provide information on various subjects and offer a self-service approach.

Members who wish to learn more about the Knowledge Base in the Member Community can email

Auction Revenue Rights and Financial Transmission Rights

On Sept. 15, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a ruling on an October 2015 PJM filing to revise the Operating Agreement and tariff to address unwarranted revenue shifts and cross-subsidies between and among annual revenue rights and financial transmission rights holders.

PJM will submit a compliance order by Nov. 15. In its filling, PJM will discuss solutions for balancing congestion and necessary reforms for FTRs and Day-Ahead Market surplus allocation. PJM will communicate its actions on the filing through the Markets Implementation Committee and the MC Webinar. The tentative implementation date will be June 1, 2017.

Interregional Coordination

PJM presented the Inter-regional Coordination update, which included work on the PJM/MISO generator retirement study, cross-border transmission planning and pseudo ties. MISO and PJM successfully implemented 2016 pseudo ties without any reliability issues.

Additionally, a Sept. 22 order from the FERC on phase angle regulator payments found that the cost allocation as proposed by MISO and ITC to be unjust, unreasonable, and unduly discriminatory to NYISO and PJM. The approximate amount of allocations to be refunded to PJM is $10 Million through July 2016.

PJM also presented an overview of the PJM/NYISO wheel replacement protocol project, including next steps and schedule. The two grid operators are reviewing proposed solutions that preserve competitive market behaviors and minimize load impacts.

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