Member Survey Guides PJM Outreach  

Denise Foster, vice president – State and Member Services

PJM is a service organization.  We exist for the benefit of our members. Ensuring members are satisfied with the how we carry out our responsibilities as a transmission organization and wholesale market administrator is paramount.

PJM solicits feedback regularly so that we can act with intention – informed by what matters most to our members. We appreciate the feedback members provide; it gives us guidance on how to make it easier to do business with PJM and compels us to act.

One vehicle PJM uses to gauge satisfaction is the biennial members’ survey. PJM conducted the most recent survey in October 2015 and examined the results to identify areas of opportunity and success.

While PJM found that members’ “overall satisfaction” is strong at 87 percent, it reflects a slight decrease from previous surveys.  We’re committed to identifying and implementing improvements shaped by the feedback and will use a variety of means to communicate the changes we’re making in response so members know we heard them.

After the previous survey in 2013, PJM improved its website, billing processes and customer service practices to address member feedback. The changes included:

  • Introducing the Member Community–a tool, designed to help members access answers and information more quickly and easily,
  • Improving issue tracking on,
  • Refining the locational marginal pricing map, and
  • Improving messaging tools, including those for emergency procedures.

After reviewing the 2015 survey results, we determined the most significant areas of opportunity.  Here are some of the areas we are targeting this year:

  • Information Technology and Markets will launch a forum to discuss IT-related initiatives and timelines with members and any vendors that assist Members with their interface with PJM tools.
  • Planning is examining lessons learned from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 1000 process.
  • Operations is investigating ways to increase transparency in transmission outage timeline adjustments.
  • Client Management is establishing standards to resolve member problems more effectively and streamline the way PJM interacts with members.
  • Stakeholder Relations will use the Stakeholder Process Forum to find ways to improve the stakeholder process.

And last, we are also considering the best ways to solicit feedback going forward.

As a member organization, we strive to be adaptable, responsive and innovative. We’re excited to tell you more in the coming months about our progress implementing the actions we identified. Look for updates through Inside Lines, stakeholder committee presentations and other communications from PJM sent directly to members.

If you’d like to comment about our plan, please email us at