Members Charter New Security and Resilience Advisory CommitteeSecurity,

By acclamation vote, stakeholders approved the proposed charter to establish the Security and Resilience Advisory Committee at the Members Committee meeting Thursday afternoon.

The committee stems from a group which had been meeting under the Transmission Owners Agreement Administrative Committee.

The advisory committee is non-decisional and will work with the Transmission Owners Agreement – Administrative Committee, the Operating Committee and Planning Committee on matters related to the reliable operation of the PJM system and planning strategies to assure secure and resilient systems.  Committee meetings will not be open to the public.

PJM believes this will provide a forum to discuss issues important to the membership, including the rising interest in resilience inside and outside the industry.  It will cover topics such as the role of distributed energy resources for resilience, challenges for black start related to fuel security and critical load planning and infrastructure criticality and interdependency assessment.

The committee will also plan and participate in exercises such as the GridEx IV, which will take place in November.

The MC also endorsed a modified proposal regarding pseudo-tied resources external to PJM’s footprint and their participation as Capacity Performance resources. The proposal had been approved earlier at the Markets and Reliability Committee.

The new proposal revised language so that the provisions apply only to resources that desire to be pseudo-tied, but have not yet cleared a capacity auction.

The original language grandfathered existing pseudo-tie resources; that proposal received just 2.79 of the vote in the MRC (needing a 3.34 threshold). The new language requires the task force to continue discussion on existing pseudo-tie resources.”