Members Committee Selects Terry Blackwell for PJM Board of Managers

The PJM Interconnection Members Committee on Thursday elected Terry Blackwell to the PJM Board to finish the unexpired term of William R. Mayben. Blackwell’s term will expire in 2016.

The Members Committee also re-elected Neel Foster, Sarah Rogers and Howard Schneider for new three-year terms.

Blackwell has 36 years of experience in power system planning and operation. Most recently, he was Senior Vice-President of Power Delivery at Santee Cooper where he had overall responsibility for the transmission system, including compliance with NERC Reliability Standards. He also served as Chairman of the SERC Board and served on other SERC Board Committees. He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and is a licensed professional engineer in South Carolina.

“We graciously welcome Terry, with his vast experience in planning and the power industry, to our Board,” said Board Chairman Howard Schneider. “His compliance experience will lend to keen insights to the board.”

The 10 members of the PJM Board of Managers are responsible for maintaining PJM’s independence and, by exercising their prudent business judgment, ensuring that PJM fulfills its business obligations and legal and regulatory requirements.

The Board also is responsible for ensuring that PJM maintains the reliability of the power grid and operates a robust, competitive and non-discriminatory electric power market, preventing any market participants from having undue influence over the operation of PJM.