Members Discuss Clean Power Plan and Interregional Planning at Webinar

The Feb. 22 Members Committee Webinar centered a lot of discussion on interregional planning between PJM and MISO based on a Feb. 18 quarterly joint meeting.

In January, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved proposed modifications to enhance the Day-Ahead market-to-market coordination procedures. With the modifications, MISO and PJM began a market information exchange on Jan. 28 and will publish the settlement reports and discuss metrics at future stakeholder meetings.

As part of the interregional planning update, PJM also presented the MISO-PJM joint committee biennial review.

Members also heard:

  • An update on the Clean Power Plan analysis, including the stages and timeline, as well as resource coordination with MISO.
  • An update on the new Markets and Operations page on
  • A proposed revision to the Manual 34: PJM Stakeholder Process to allow stakeholders to request an education session when developing a problem statement or issue charge.