MIC Looks at Variety of Topics

The Market Implementation Committee on Wednesday discussed implementation details associated with both Capacity Performance and the new timing for the Day-Ahead Market.

At the start of the meeting, Stu Bresler, senior vice president – Markets, initiated a stakeholder discussion to add clarity to PJM’s rules around capacity market auction specific bilateral transactions.  His discussion centered on PJM’s statement, issued on Feb. 5. PJM anticipates bringing clarifying language for further discussion to the March MIC meeting.

The committee endorsed updated language for Manual 33 to clarify confidentiality rules for market data. The MIC had been working on the revisions of the language throughout the fall and incorporated stakeholder feedback to allow broad support for the provisions. The MRC is scheduled to vote on the language on Feb. 25.

The MIC also addressed the movement of operating parameter definitions from the eMkt user guide into the PJM manuals. The MIC will hold a special session on Feb. 24 to continue the discussion.

In addition, the committee worked on the issue charge associated with the parameter limited schedule exception process. The committee is expected to discuss a single proposal at its March meeting.

Other MIC action

First reads: Financial Transmission Rights: Manual 6 updates
Changes to Capacity Performance: Manual 11 updates
Manual 11 updates for Day-Ahead Market timeline changes
Regional transmission and energy scheduling modifications on the Day-Ahead Market and reliability unit commitment timeline
FTR ownership disclosure (two packages)
Informational updates: Calculation of incremental Auction Revenue Rights for RTEP Upgrades
Biennial review of Joint Operating Agreement between PJM and MISO