MIC Tracks Issues at November Meeting

At its November 4 meeting, the Markets Implementation Committee endorsed a problem statement on exemptions to parameter limits scheduling and heard two first-reads and informational updates.

PPGI Fund A/B Development, from the generation owner sector, presented the problem statement and issue charge on parameter limits schedules.  These are limitations that are imposed on the parameters of a generator as part of its cost-based offer. The MIC approved the problem statement.

If the issue charge is approved in December, the MIC will review process and business rules. This includes requesting and obtaining exceptions to default parameter limits schedules and identifying potential issues where existing practices do not meet the needs of market participants.

In the first-reads, Pete Langbein, manager – Demand Response Operations, presented clarification to non-summer capacity compliance calculation language. Tong Zhao, Day-Ahead Operations, presented conforming changes to Manual 11 due to the implementation of Capacity Performance. Both of these will come up for an endorsement vote at the December MIC meeting.

There were a number of informational updates on working topics including: