MIC Tracks Issues at October Meeting

At its October 7 meeting, the Market Implementation Committee endorsed and discussed manual and tariff language, problem statements and clarifications.

The MIC endorsed draft manual and tariff language for Tier I compensation. The language more clearly defines how Tier 1 Synchronized Reserve resources are compensated.

After discussion, the MIC also approved the problem statement and issue charge for demand response non-summer capacity compliance calculations. The committee will consider the changes at the November MIC meeting.

The committee discussed updates on market data confidentiality clarifications. PJM made revisions to draft manual language based on stakeholder feedback from the September MIC meeting. This includes clarifying the amount of time – two months – before any outage information is released.

In a separate working topic, education was provided regarding the information posted with auction results for Financial Transmission Rights. Under this working topic, a request to mask participant name is being discussed.

Among the informational updates: