Moeller highlights Grid 20/20 slate

Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Philip Moeller will be one of the guest speakers at PJM’s Grid 20/20: Focus on Gas/Electric Interoperability  forum  on June 17. The forum will be held at the PJM Conference & Training Center in Audubon, Pa.

The future of gas/electric interoperability was the focus of a recently completed report by the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative. It also is a factor in considerations of the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan.

Industry experts and regulatory officials will address key questions during remarks or as part of panel discussions. Among the questions they will explore are:

  • Why is gas-electric interoperability so important right now?
  • What are the challenges of building natural gas pipelines and what will future needs be?
  • What are the fundamental challenges in industry alignment right now?
  • What are the benefits to both industries of coordination?

Registration and agenda information: PJM Grid 20/20: Focus on Gas/Electric Interoperability

In-person and WebEx registration is also available. The forum is free to attend.

The purpose of Grid 20/20 is to provide PJM members and policy makers with cutting-edge ideas, visions and technologies that will transform electricity in the 21st century.