MRC Discusses Pending FERC Filings

The Markets and Reliability Committee discussed two pending filings to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at its meeting on Thursday.

The MRC looked at the proposed timeline for clearing in the Day-Ahead Market and associated tariff proposals and generator offer flexibility.

Gas/Electric Market Timeline Alignment

Adrien Ford, director – Market Evolution, and PJM counsel Jim Burlew presented updates on aligning the gas and electric market days.

The FERC issued its final rule on alignment in April; PJM’s compliance filing is due July 23, 2015.

Ford discussed the results of the latest member poll (Slide 8 on Item 12).

She pointed out that PJM has committed to a shortened time of three hours to clear the Day-Ahead Energy Market.  Day-ahead results must be posted sufficiently in advance of the timely nomination deadline.

 Ford said PJM has been working with stakeholders to determine how much time they would need in order to make the bidding and re-bidding in the Day-Ahead Market work for them.

Burlew discussed revisions to the governing agreements, which he termed relatively straightforward.

Generator Offer Flexibility

Rich Brown, manager – Emerging Markets, presented the requirements for the recently initiated proceeding by the FERC regarding updating generator offers.

The FERC required PJM to submit a report by July 10, 2015. That report will let the FERC know what PJM’s plans are for implementing the tariff changes and must include a proposed timeline explaining how PJM will implement such changes by Nov. 1, 2015, (or as soon as practicable thereafter).

To discuss the potential tariff changes and the report with stakeholders, PJM is using the Generator Offer Flexibility Senior Task Force. Brown reviewed the work of the task force, which has met once and has another meeting scheduled (June 29) before the FERC filing. The task force will continue to meet throughout the year to discuss full implementation.

The MRC also reviewed the compliance filing obligations for Capacity Performance and the intended content of the compliance filing.

PJM delayed an endorsement vote on proposed revisions to Manual 18 (PJM Capacity Market) related to Capacity Performance. There will be further discussion of changes to the manual at a special MRC session on July 15, before the MRC will be asked to endorse the manual revisions at the next full meeting on July 23.

The MRC endorsed several manual changes:

  • Manual 19 (Load Forecasting and Analysis) changes for residential measurement and verification, regarding not sharing personal identifiable information for residential customers participating in Demand Response programs.
  • Manual 3 (Transmission Operations) changes (originally presented at the May 28, 2015, MRC meeting), regarding clarifications of adjustments to calculated load dump and emergency ratings, in the event that they are the same.
  • Manual 3A (Energy Management System Model Updates and Quality Assurance), regarding continuation of efforts to streamline and update sections and subject matter.