MRC Suspends Task Force, Endorses Manual Changes 

The Markets and Reliability Committee voted at its Sept. 29 meeting to suspend most of the activities of the Transmission Replacement Processes Senior Task Force. The vote came in light of a recent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission order, which applies to all PJM Transmission Owners and PJM itself

The Aug. 26 FERC Order to Show Cause (Docket EL16-71) established a Section 206 proceeding to determine whether the PJM transmission owners are complying with their Order 890 local transmission planning obligations specifically with respect to supplemental projects.

The committee voted to suspend temporarily the task force’s work, with the exception of looking ahead on transmission project costs, which does not overlap with the FERC order.

Members affected by the order have until Oct. 25 to respond to the FERC.  In Section 206 proceedings, the FERC does not have a hard deadline by which to respond. The MRC approved language that would revive the task force in March of 2017, if the FERC has not decided anything by then.

The MRC also endorsed PJM’s proposal Release of Capacity in 2017/18 Delivery Year Third Incremental Auction, which it developed in response to a FERC directive (Docket ER16-532).

The committee endorsed clarifications to definitions “Member/Vendor Open and Competitive Bidding” from the Governing Documents Enhancement and Clarification Subcommittee. The proposal was then voted on at the Sept. 29 Member Committee meeting.

A stakeholder group withdrew its proposed problem statement and issue charge on PJM capacity. The proposing group said it decided to withdraw the statement after extensive conversations with stakeholders. The group intends to continue stakeholder discussions and present an updated problem statement and issue charge at the October MRC meeting.


  • Manual 14B: PJM Region Transmission Planning Process and Manual 14C: Generation & Transmission Interconnection Facility Construction (related to the new equipment energization process)
  • Manual 3A: Energy Management System Model Updates and Quality Assurance (including a new appendix defining a process checklist for energizing new equipment)
  • Manual 14B: PJM Region Transmission Planning Process (related to winter temperature ratings)
  • Manual 15: Cost Development Guidelines (periodic review process)
  • Metering Task Force: Revisions to Manual 1: Control Center and Data Exchange Requirements (based on task force solution package)
  • Planning Committee charter (administrative updates)