New Emerging Technology Initiatives Brochure Available

PJM’s participation in energy innovations builds on its history and reflects its commitment to collaboration and enhancing the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the power grid.

To that end, PJM has produced a new brochure on emerging technology initiatives available on The brochure highlights innovative initiatives that focus on ensuring the reliability of the grid and planning for the future.

 Highlights of the brochure: 


  • With the aid of a $14 million-stimulus grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, PJM and its member transmission owners have installed more than 400 phasor measurement units, or synchrophasors, in over 100 substations in 10 different states.

Pilot Projects

  • These projects cover a broad spectrum, including energy storage, dynamic load response, renewables, transmission operations, load forecasting, microgrids and resiliency planning.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Vehicle-to-Grid

  • This includes using newly adopted industry smart grid standards to communicate wholesale electricity pricing signals to electric vehicles and a vehicle-to-grid project that demonstrates the potential for electric vehicles to act as mobile storage devices.

Energy Storage

  • Energy storage can provide grid operators like PJM a way to keep power supply stable when wind generators or other renewable power sources are not available.


  • These small clusters of energy assets and loads can achieve a variety of benefits for the operator. This can result in increased reliability during grid system disturbances such as storm outages.