New Library Section Makes it Easier to Find Documents

Finding and getting the latest updates on documents on will now be easier with the site’s new Library section. The Library, which is live as of Nov. 16, replaces the Documents section.

Based on feedback from users, members and stakeholders, PJM reorganized and added new functionality to the Library section. The section includes: governing documents, manuals, filings & orders, compliance documents, reports & notices, maps and fact sheets.

All Federal Energy Regulatory Commission filings and orders, transmission owners’ filings and other federal filings have been consolidated into one page. In addition, the new structure places all documents associated with a filing together in one place with filters to help visitors find what they need.

Filing & Orders, Manuals and Report & Notices pages offer a new feature that  allows visitors to set favorites and to receive alerts on documents and topics.

Selecting the “heart” button (favorite) allows this document or topic to be viewable when “View Favorites” is selected on the page. Selecting the “bell” button (alert) for an item triggers an automatic notification email when there is an update on that item.

In addition, there are “take-a-tour” illustrations to explain the new features.

Site visitors should note that any bookmarks to the former Documents section will no longer work.

PJM continues to improve the website functionality, feedback can be provided through the site or by emailing