New Tool Shows Impact of Weather and Fuel Prices

Learning-Center-Opt-2Factors like weather and fuel prices can change the wholesale price of electricity. A new, interactive price calculator on the Learning Center website lets users control these factors and see simulated price changes under different grid conditions. Test out the calculator on the Learning Center.

The interactive tool has two modules:

  • Weather $ Calculator – This screen allows the user to control – and see the impact of – weather on the wholesale price of electricity. The price varies with changes to the outdoor temperature or indoor thermostat settings of homes in the PJM region.  This simulated price does not completely reflect what is charged to consumers in their retail electricity bills, as retailers must factor in other charges.
  • Natural Gas $ Calculator – This screens shows how changes in the price of natural gas can impact the wholesale electricity price in the PJM region.

PJM is committed to enhancing and expanding the information in the Learning Center to make it easier to understand the power grid and PJM’s role.