Next Steps Toward Resilience Tops Discussion at MC Webinar

The next steps for PJM and its stakeholders after the April 19 Grid 20/20 – Focus on Resilience highlighted the Members Committee Webinar April 24.

Mike Bryson, vice president – Operations, said PJM is reflecting on the forum’s messages and using them to develop a resilience “road map” over the next several months.

He said that PJM and stakeholders will examine a number of resilience aspects, including cybersecurity and physical security as well as the fuel adequacy issues addressed in the recent PJM report. PJM and stakeholders are already working on a number of issues (such as black start service and system restoration plans) that will be reflected in any future resilience collaboration.

Bryson said this comes at an opportune time for PJM. Next year, PJM is looking at the five-year black start request for proposal process and the roadmap  will provide direction on improving methods and processes.

PJM also presented the progress of the new Planning Community tool. PJM developed the tool as part of the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan reworking.

During the update on the Monday morning Stakeholder Process Forum, PJM discussed a report from researchers at Penn State, the University of Minnesota and Boise State University on how grid organizations  are adapting to changes in technologies and regulations.  The report focused on stakeholder processes in PJM, MISO and the California ISO. Stakeholders will continue discussing the report in  future meetings.

Meeting rescheduling

Because of the May 1-2 technical conference at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on state policies and wholesale markets, PJM has changed the schedule of several standing meetings next week.

The Operations Committee meeting has been moved from Tuesday, May 2 to 8:30 on Wednesday, May 3. The Markets Implementation Committee meeting will start later, beginning at 11 a.m.  In addition, the special Markets Implementation Committee meeting on Distributed Energy Resources, originally scheduled for May 1, has been postponed.

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