NOPR, Pseudo Ties on OC Agenda 

PJM and its stakeholders reviewed a number of initiatives involving interconnection capabilities at the Operating Committee meeting on Dec. 13.

PJM presented the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s recently issued Notice of Public Rulemaking regarding primary frequency response.

The FERC issued the NOPR on Nov. 17 and, with the 60-day comment period after Federal Register publication in effect, comments are due Jan. 24, 2017. The commission proposes to revise regulations to require all newly interconnecting large and small generating facilities (both synchronous and non-synchronous) to install and enable primary frequency response capability as a condition of interconnection.

PJM presented a draft version of two pseudo-tie agreements. PJM plans to establish a standard pro forma pseudo-tie agreement. The standard agreement would address congestion management with entities for which PJM does not have congestion management agreements, and would ensure a standard set of applicable rules for all pseudo-ties.

PJM also presented a status update on joint operating agreement language with NYISO, related to the new operating protocols for the PJM/NYISO interface. The two grid operators have collaborated on the language and are planning a joint submission of the revisions to the FERC at the end of January 2017.

By acclamation, the committee endorsed changes to: