OATT, OA provide foundation for PJM’s work

Another story in the Exploring PJM series. Today, the documents which are the keystone of PJM’s work.

 PJM Interconnection’s day-to-day operations and interactions with members are outlined in a series of governing documents that establish and define the roles, responsibilities, authorities and obligations of PJM and its members. The three documents are the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff, the Operating Agreement and the Reliability Assurance Agreement.

The PJMExploring-PJM-Icon Open Access Transmission Tariff is the overall document that governs the operations of PJM. The tariff includes the provisions governing transmission service within the PJM region. The tariff and revisions to it and the other governing documents are subject to acceptance by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the agency that regulates PJM and the other regional grid organizations.

The Operating Agreement must be signed by all organizations wishing to become a member of PJM. It contains provisions that establish how PJM operates as a regional transmission organization. It also defines the roles and responsibilities of the PJM Board of Managers, the Members Committee and the Office of the Interconnection (PJM management and staff), which carries out the provisions of the governing documents in managing PJM’s operations, markets and planning.

The Reliability Assurance Agreement, signed by all the organizations in PJM that sell electricity to end-use customers, establishes obligations and standards for maintaining the reliable operation of the electric grid.

Other documents

PJM manuals are the administrative, planning, operating and accounting procedures of PJM, and implement the requirements of the PJM Tariff, OA and Reliability Assurance Agreement. They are available on pjm.com.

Transmission Owners Agreement is signed by the transmission-owning members of PJM. The agreement provides for the coordinated planning and operation of transmission assets in PJM, transfers some planning and operating responsibilities to PJM and establishes regional transmission service as provided for in the PJM tariff.