OC Approves Winter Reserve Target

The winter weekly reserve target was one of five items that received unanimous endorsement by the Operating Committee at its Nov. 1 meeting.

The target is part of the Reserve Requirement Study, which PJM uses to calculate the installed reserve margin and forecast pool requirement.  PJM uses the winter weekly reserve target to coordinate generator maintenance scheduling during the winter period.

After receiving stakeholder feedback at the Oct. 4 Operating Committee meeting, PJM adjusted its practice by adopting a monthly approach to calculating the winter weekly reserve target.  Rather than calculating a single reserve target to be used throughout the entire winter season, the new approach identifies winter reserve targets on a monthly basis. PJM said the monthly approach addresses January’s larger peak load uncertainty compared to that of February or December.

In one other item of note, stakeholders recommended that the Transmission Owners Agreement -Administrative Committee endorse updates to the TO/TOP Matrix.  The matrix serves as an index between the PJM manuals and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation reliability standards.  PJM added several new NERC standards, effective April 2017.

Other endorsements/approvals:

In first-reads, PJM reviewed proposed changes to two manuals – Manual 13: Emergency Operations and Manual 14D: Generator Operational Requirements. The Operating Committee will be asked to endorse these changes at the next OC meeting.

The committee also heard updates on: