OC Examines Primary Frequency Response Issues

As the first line of defense in frequency disturbance events, primary frequency response is critical for controlling frequency in system restoration events.

At the Operating Committee meeting on May 3, members approved a proposed problem statement and issue charge that will allow PJM and stakeholders to evaluate, clarify and strengthen requirements for primary frequency response, consistent with a recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

In November, the FERC issued its NOPR to revisit the rules primary frequency response – needed to ensure system reliability and stability in both real-time operations and during system restoration events. The NOPR proposes all new small and large generators install and enable primary frequency response capability.

After a survey of generation owners, PJM found that 25 percent of critical load units are not aligned with recommendations from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. Generally, there is concern that not all generators are equipped to provide primary frequency response and the changing fuel mix may make it more challenging for PJM to meet its NERC obligations in the future.

Stakeholders learned of another phishing attempt using counterfeit email addresses. PJM issued a security alert about a phishing email falsely appearing to come from Andy Ott aimed at stealing user credentials. Stakeholders were reminded to send any suspicious emails to PJM’s Member Relations.

PJM brought stakeholders up to date on the joint stakeholder initiative between PJM and NYISO to evaluate benefits and cost allocation related to the Ramapo phase angle regulators. It also encouraged stakeholders to submit comments on metrics being used to evaluate the benefits and to participant in the next Joint PJM/NYISO Ramapo PAR Meeting on May 24.

PJM also updated stakeholders on the implementation of the unit specific parameter process for Capacity Performance, reminding stakeholders that approved unit specific parameters or proxy parameters will be updated in Markets Gateway on June 1 for newly cleared Capacity Performance. For resources that previously cleared as Capacity Performance, approved parameters from delivery year 16/17 resources will remain in effect unless adjustments were submitted.

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