OC Undertakes Unit-Specific Parameter Process

In a discussion that took up much of the afternoon Tuesday, the PJM Operating Committee explored several topics on implementing capacity performance details.

The discussions of these details will be on the agenda for several PJM committees in the next several months, including the Markets Implementation Committee meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 10.MIC OC unit parameters

The OC discussed the performance assessment ramp rate, real-time values and the process to request a unit-specific parameter limited schedule adjustment. There will be additional topics on the agenda at the MIC related to unit specific parameters.

The unit-specific parameter adjustment process has been underway since June 2015.  The process entails working with unit owners to establish the specific physical characteristics for each unit which will be used to schedule units under emergency and constraint conditions.  The deadline for capacity performance resources to submit data is Feb. 28.

Resources must submit any unit-specific parameter adjustment requests for Capacity Performance resources for delivery year 2016/2017 by Feb. 28. Members should email adjustment requests and questions to unitspecificpls@pjm.com.

The real-time value proposal was developed to allow units to reflect their actual physical conditions to PJM market and operations to accurately reflect how the units will run.  The intent is to have the business rules agreed to and in place by June 1, 2016.

The committee wrapped up the afternoon with a robust discussion on the ramp problem statement.  The PJM stakeholders are considering a proposal to allow a unit’s ramp rate to be utilized as excused megawatts in the non-performance charge calculation during performance assessment hours. The proposal would require changes to be made to the PJM Tariff and Manuals.  In order to be effective for the 2016/2017 Delivery Year for Capacity Performance Resources, PJM proposes to file any changes with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by March 31, with an effective date of May 31.

In addition to first reads and ongoing business, the OC also discussed the annual grid security drill, which will take place in November. The drill assesses the readiness of incident response and system restoration capabilities in the event of operational disruptions on the grid, such as coordinated cyber and physical attacks.