Operating Committee Reviews Preparations for Capacity Performance

Stakeholders will get to experience “A Day in the Life of a Performance Assessment Hour” as part of PJM’s Capacity Performance preparedness implementation.

The May 2 workshop, to be held at PJM’s main campus, will give a detailed demonstration of how unit-specific parameters and real-time values impact offers and settlements, operator communications and settlement calculations.MIC OC unit parameters

The workshop is just one of a number of educational measures PJM outlined at the April 5 Operating Committee meeting. PJM is using specific communications, drills and education sessions to reach stakeholders in advance of Capacity Performance obligations and operations on June 1.

The annual summer emergency procedures drill will be held on May 10 to allow PJM, member companies and state agencies to exercise their emergency procedures staff, tools, and processes.

 Informational updates

  • Stakeholders examined potential changes and future plans to the cold weather testing for the winter of 2016/2017. PJM also provided follow-up information on the 2015/16 winter generator cold weather testing effort.
  • PJM discussed its interim comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Notice of Inquiry regarding primary frequency response. The response is due on April 25.
  • The committee voted to retire the Phasor Data Quality Task Force and create a new quarterly special session within the Systems Information Subcommittee to collaborate on phasor data quality.