Ott Announces Changes to Organization Structure

PJM President and CEO Andy Ott today announced structural changes to align the leadership strengths with the current and future needs of PJM.

“We are making some changes to our structure as our organization continues to grow and evolve. Our objective with this realignment is to better serve our stakeholders by positioning internal processes – and those conducting them – to better support company strategies,” said Ott.

The Operation and Markets Divisions have developed a close and collaborative working relationship. To further strengthen their alliance, they will align under the leadership of Senior Vice President Stu Bresler. Mike Bryson, vice president, will continue to lead Operations.

Both Operations and Markets are key organizations within PJM. They will come together under singular leadership, allowing for great continuity and depth in providing enhanced value, service and solutions for PJM members and other stakeholders.

Legal, Compliance and State & Member Services

 The State & Member Services Division, led by Denise Foster, vice president, will report to Vince Duane, senior vice president – General Counsel.

The new organization will be called the Law, Compliance and External Relations Division. Earlier in the year, the Compliance Division moved under Duane’s leadership as well.

The three functional areas include legal and regulatory components and have responsibility for communicating information to various audiences including regulators, members and other stakeholders.

To ensure a smooth transition, the organizational changes will go into effect July 6.