Ott, Boston Address General Session

Andy Ott, PJM president and CEO, discussed grid security and CEO Emeritus Terry Boston reflected on the importance of electricity in remarks at the PJM General Session December 15 in Wilmington, Del.

The general sessions are special meetings of the members, the Board of Managers and PJM staff. They provide an open forum in which members and the board have an open dialogue and the discussion is considered strictly informational and not as part of a decision-making meeting. The sessions are usually held twice per year – at the Annual Meeting and in the fourth quarter.

Ott spoke about the timeliness of the theme of resiliency and security. He said guarding against cyber security threats is a constant challenge.

To address the challenge, PJM works with industry and government leaders to create more robust systems and operations tools. In addition, PJM participates in exercises, such as the recent GridEx III, an industry-wide business continuity drill.

Outgoing chair of the PJM Members Committee Jim Jablonski, thanked members and congratulated incoming chair Katie Guerry of EnerNOC, Inc.

In his closing remarks, Boston brought the discussion back to the importance of the grid on a very personal level.

He talked about the impact that electricity co-ops had on rural areas in the late 1930s. He said that meant that milk was in a refrigerator and not keeping cold in the creek and that there was an electric pump to the spring that brought clean drinking water to the farm.

“The whole PJM community is in the public service business,” he said. “Everyone is part of a public service that is absolutely necessary. Electricity is not just the bottom line. It is a lifeline.”