PC Endorses Winter Reserve Targets

The Planning Committee endorsed the winter weekly reserve targets in addition to manual changes at its Nov. 3 meeting. Weekly reserve targets are used by PJM Operations to coordinate generator maintenance scheduling during the winter period

By using a monthly approach to calculate the reserve targets, PJM can better manage uncertainties related to load and forced outages during the winter months.

PJM also supplied a status update on the Special Session on Order 1000 on Oct. 21, where stakeholders heard updates on the TEAC redesign and RTEP schedule. There is another special Order 1000 meeting scheduled on Nov. 11. The TEAC redesign was initiated as a result of stakeholder feedback and the newly redesigned TEAC is anticipated to be in place by 2018.

The endorsed manual updates included changes to the capacity import limit procedure. PJM is removing references to the capacity import limit from the Reliability Pricing Model procedure.  Beginning with the 2020/21 delivery year, the CIL will no longer be applied as part of the capacity auction. In addition, as part of new long-term firm transmission service study procedures approved in early 2016, the limits in the CIL will be considered during studies of new transmission service requests.

In addition, the committee endorsed manual changes for generator testing requirements, new service request cost allocation and study methods. The committee’s endorsed proposals will be voted on by the MRC on Nov. 17.

PJM reviewed a first-read of proposed updates to Manual 14C on generation and transmission interconnection facility construction. The committee will be asked to endorse the proposal at its next meeting in December.

Asanga Perera, manager – Market Simulation, reviewed the draft guidelines that will be used for selecting market efficiency projects submitted in the recently opened the long-term  window. The window opened Nov. 1 and will close at the end of February 2017.

The committee also heard updates on: