PC Hears Updates on Order 1000 Work

PJM provided an update on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order 1000’s lessons learned activities at the Aug. 11 Planning Committee meeting.

These included proposed changes to its Operating Agreement to address treatment of substation equipment. PJM also presented information on the status of a FERC order to exclude transmission owner criteria from the FERC Order 1000 process.

PJM also updated the PC on a current effort to improve Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee communications and Regional Transmission Expansion Plan cycles.

The presentations looked at historical solutions for RTEP and how equipment overloads are traditionally handled. PJM is recommending that, in the future, transmission substation equipment issues that can be solved by transmission owner upgrades be excluded from the FERC Order 1000 competitive window process. FERC ordered PJM to specifically exclude transmission owner upgrades from the FERC Order 1000 process.

PJM will roll out its updates for the market efficiency process shortly, including a competitive process manual. It is working with stakeholders on examining current processes and what PJM can do to best meeting members’ business needed. PJM is also working to codify documentation for Order 1000 and is developing a new manual, Manual 14F, which it hopes to introduce in September. Both stem from the Order 1000 lessons learned.

Other business

The committee endorsed administrative updates to the Planning Committee charter.

PJM also presented first reads for changes to several manuals: Manual 14B: PJM Region Transmission

Planning Process for new equipment energization process and winter temperature ratings; Manual 14C: Generation and Transmission Interconnection Facility Construction, relating to the new equipment energization process and tie-line discussions and administrative items.

Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee 

PJM announced it anticipates the next Regional Transmission Expansion Plan window to open in mid-to-late September. PJM anticipates that the window’s scope will cover winter and light load reliability analysis for 2021.

PJM also gave a preliminary report for RTEP Proposal Window 2, which closed at the end of July. PJM received 87 proposals from 13 entities (in 12 transmission zones). There were 46 greenfield projects, with a cost range of $5 million to $224 million and 41 transmission owner upgrades, with a cost range of $0.03 million to $125 million.

The reliability update also covered several projects in the PSE&G territory, as well as Artificial Island.

The window for the 2016-2017 24-month window for market efficiency and reliability will open Nov. 1. PJM anticipates market efficiency cases will be posted by end of August; all documentation will be posted on Market Efficiency page on pjm.com. Questions should be sent to rtep@pjm.com with “Market Efficiency” in the subject line header.