Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia and its surrounding Pennsylvania counties are connected to the high-voltage grid through PECO Energy, which was a founding member of PJM in 1927.

Population of Philadelphia: 1,560,297*

Total PECO Energy customers (Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania counties): 1.6 million**

Total amount of megawatt-hours used (PECO Energy): 11,998,770***

Fun facts:

  • Before relocating to Valley Forge, Pa. (itself a Philadelphia suburb), PJM initially operated from within the city limits.
  • Elfreth’s Alley, located in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood is the oldest continually inhabited street in the country.
  • From its completion in 1901 to 1908, Philadelphia’s City Hall was the world’s tallest habitable building.
  • The first Thanksgiving Day Parade was held in Philadelphia in 1920 and continues to run every year.
  • The world’s first electronic computer, ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was developed at the University of Pennsylvania (which itself claims to be the oldest university in the nation).

(Fun fact sources: PJM and Movoto)

*2014 U.S. Census Bureau population estimate


***2013 Energy Information Administration data