PJM Answers FERC Request for Report on Generator Hourly Offers

On July 10, PJM submitted a report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding updating generator offers.

PJM will work with stakeholders over the next four months to develop specific business rule changes and governing document revisions that will enable market sellers of generating units to submit day-ahead offers that vary by hour. This will also enable market sellers to update their offers hourly in real time, as well as make any necessary changes to associated market power mitigation and other rules.

The goal is to implement the rules fully by Nov. 1, 2016. PJM believes this is the earliest feasible implementation date, from a technical perspective.

On June 9, 2015, the FERC established a new proceeding under section 206 of the Federal Power Act, finding that aspects of PJM’s current tariffs may be unjust, unreasonable, unduly discriminatory or preferential.

The FERC required PJM to submit by July 10, 2015, a report which would include PJM’s plans for implementing the tariff changes and a proposed timeline explaining PJM’s implementation process.

 PJM will continue to use the Generator Offer Flexibility Senior Task Force to discuss the potential tariff changes and inform stakeholders. The task force has met three times since the FERC established the proceeding and will continue to meet throughout the year to discuss full implementation.