PJM Discusses Recommended Artificial Island Solution with TEAC

PJM on Tuesday discussed its recommendation that a combination of solutions, largely LS Power’s, should address operational performance issues within the area known as Artificial Island in New Jersey. Speaking at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee, PJM planning staff also said parts of the recommendation would be built by PSE&G. The Artificial Island area includes the Hope Creek and Salem nuclear power plants.

PJM staff will recommend to the PJM Board that LS Power build a 230-kilovolt transmission line under the Delaware River from Salem to a new substation near the 230-kV transmission right-of-way in Delaware, using a method of horizontal directional drilling to place lines under the river. The PJM Board makes the final decision on which solution should proceed.


The PJM staff’s recommendation includes improving protective relays on transmission facilities around the Artificial Island and adjusting transformers at Salem and Hope Creek. The companies owning the facilities will be responsible for installing them.

The recommendation will go to the PJM Board after stakeholders submit any comments, which are due by May 29.

PJM solicited proposals in an open window for competitive transmission proposals, consistent with the FERC’s Order 1000. PJM considered performance, cost and constructability in making its decision.

Artificial Island is a nuclear generation and transmission complex located in southern New Jersey consisting of three units with a total generating capacity of 3,818 megawatts. PJM first identified operational performance issues at Artificial Island during its 2012 and 2013 planning cycles.

PJM has been using special operating procedures to address performance issues and maintain stability in the area.

The operating procedures have become increasingly difficult to implement while adhering to other operational limits on the system, however. As a result, PJM identified the need for transmission enhancements.

Also included in the proposals:

  • associated substation work at Salem (designated to PSE&G)
  • associated work on the 230kV right of way (designated to PHI)
  • Static VAR compensator at New Freedom (designated to PSE&G)
  • Optic ground wire upgrades (designated to PSE&G and PHI)
  • Artificial Island generator step-up settings upgrade (designated to PSE&G)
  • Required connection facilities to accommodate the new transmission facilities (designated to PSE&G and PHI)