PJM Discusses Preliminary Reliability Analysis of Clean Power Plan

PJM presented an update about its preliminary reliability analysis of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee on Tuesday.

Using the results from the previously issued economic analysis, PJM studied seven scenarios of three levels of generation at-risk to retire – 6 gigawatts, 16 GW and 32 GW. In each case, PJM used a summer peak case in the year 2022 to identify potential issues on the transmission system. The analysis looked at 230 kilovolt and above facilities.

The seven scenarios included a low-reserve scenario and three scenarios that meet targets for state renewable portfolio standards for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

So far, the reliability analysis has focused on resource adequacy and potential transmission thermal and voltage violations that could occur under the various scenarios.

PJM’s next step will look at potential solutions to the violations and the associated costs.