PJM Files Capacity Performance Notice with FERC

On December 22, PJM notified the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that, as of June 1, 2016, it will operate on the basis of its compliance filing on Capacity Performance.

Ideally, the commission will rule on the rehearing requests and PJM’s compliance filings in enough time to give PJM and its market participants sufficient time to make adjustments.

PJM suggested a FERC ruling by February 1, 2016, would be helpful.  If FERC does not rule, PJM will move ahead with implementation of the rule as accepted by FERC in its June 9 Order and as further clarified in PJM’s compliance filings.

PJM’s wants to provide certainty to market participants regarding implementation of FERC-approved Capacity Performance rules; any remaining uncertainty could have real impacts on PJM’s ability to reliably operate its system.