PJM Files External Capacity Changes at FERC  

On March 9, PJM Interconnection filed a proposal with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that would revise requirements for resources outside of PJM to participate as Capacity Performance resources.

The proposal calls for the revisions to apply to both new and existing external resources, providing a transitioned approach for those existing resources.  The revised rules are intended to better align requirements for external capacity resources with those of internal capacity resources. The changes address external resource modeling, deliverability standards for both initial and future years, and congestion management impacts.

In the filing, PJM said the changes provide reasonable solutions to several challenges that can arise when loads in one balancing authority area rely for capacity on generation physically located in other balancing authorities with different planning, operating, and market rules and practices.

At the Feb. 23 Members Committee meeting, PJM presented the actions taken by the Board of Managers regarding the proposal, which was developed by the Underperformance Risk Management Senior Task Force.